Friday, June 8, 2012

What is Innovation

Recently I received an award for business innovation.  As I've contemplated this award, I've asked myself what is business innovation.  My motto in business is, Innovation, Solutions, Service, so what is innovation?

It might seem like a simple answer, you can say it means new ideas, or new ways of looking at things.  To me innovation means a lot more.  It means being on the forefront of your industry.  It means researching the industry you are in and then then researching similar or like minded industries and then finding lasting solutions for your business.

A business entity is a living breathing thing.  If organized correctly, it will continue to live long after the founder has gone.  Therefore just like you can't go through life with the same skill set that you used when a baby, you have to grow and evolve as a business.  As you pass through the infancy stage of business you have to start looking at ways to re-energize your base clientele and bring new customers to the door.  Look at most successful businesses and you will see this practiced time and time again.  For example, there was a time when McDonald's would have been satisfied making cheeseburgers and fries and leaving it at that.  But their market analysts saw the writing on the wall and they began offering salads and alternatives to the traditional hamburger.  Carl's Jr. started beating them up in their advertising so they introduced the Angus burger line.  Now they are marketing the McCafe motif and renovating their stores to be more "upscale" with a modern look.  They are no longer the children's restaurant, but the young professional adults.

That is just one example of how a business must incorporate innovation into their business model.  Now, I am not saying that you have to be constantly renewing your business and introducing every fad into your business model.  Fads come and go, you shouldn't bankrupt yourself trying to always be on the cutting edge.  You can research each new trend and determine by your experience and customer demographic whether or not something might work for you.  Things that work in New York City, might not work or be practical in Stockton, Utah, and that's ok.  Your customers will help you sometimes determine if something will work or not.  Also, instead of going all in and making the change and expecting your customers to like it, do a trial run for a limited time and see how it is accepted.  That way your investment in minimal if it doesn't work for your business.

Another aspect of innovation in business is preparing a long-term and short-term plan on how you want to grow your business.  Since you don't want to bankrupt yourself by trying to implement everything overnight, make a plan on what things you can effectively implement now, and in the near future to increase sales and stabilize your business operations.  Then take the things that you want to implement in a year or two years and make a plan on how you are going to do it and what needs to be done prior.  Set measurable benchmarks to ensure that you are moving towards those goals.  And remember don't get discouraged if your one year plan is taking a little longer, because some things are just hard to plan for.  The important thing is that you have a plan in place and that you are constantly reviewing the plan and adjusting as needed, but don't just feel that you can freely adjust and postpone things all the time, you need to challenge yourself to make it and then do it.

In conclusion, I think every business owner should be a master of innovation.  You should always try and set your business in the forefront of your industry.  Be the benchmark that other similar businesses are measured against.  Don't be left behind and become the dinosaur of the industry or worst yet just another business fatality on the highway of success.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What to Expect from NewLine Consulting Services

As a professional I enjoy the feeling of helping others achieve their goals.  I love to see the  joy which quickly eclipses the feelings of hopelessness as my clients realize that there is hope.  It makes all the time I put into helping my clients well worth the work. 

I've devoted a great deal of time helping people, sometimes to my own detriment as I've found myself caring more for their success than the client.  I've had to teach myself to let clients go rather than burden myself with their problems that they themselves are unwilling to let go of.

I love it when I am asked to conduct a seminar for a group be it youth or adults.  As I educate and teach I can tell when I am getting to people.  I love to make people cry, not because I like to be mean, but because when I see them cry it tells me that I am getting somewhere, and they are learning and changing their lives for the better.

These seeds of education that I can provide are essential if we want to survive as a free people.  I've been asked before why I use the eagle in my logo.  My response is because the eagle is the symbol of freedom.  And that is what I aim to achieve through my efforts.  That is to spread freedom.  It's not only the eagle, but the colors of my logo; red, white and blue.  These colors are the colors represented on that Standard of Liberty that I love so dear, the American Flag.  We must stand as a people and shake off the shackles of debt and financial ignorance if we are to succeed as a people.  As business owners we should practice good business practices while striving to strengthen our communities through proper and adequate employment opportunities and striving to do those things which will strengthen our businesses and ensure their viability. 

This is my first post on this blog.  The first of what I hope to be many.  I will use this medium to provide insights, to educate, and to basically provide an outlet for me to talk about what I want, and for those whom I invite to do the same.