Friday, March 2, 2012

What to Expect from NewLine Consulting Services

As a professional I enjoy the feeling of helping others achieve their goals.  I love to see the  joy which quickly eclipses the feelings of hopelessness as my clients realize that there is hope.  It makes all the time I put into helping my clients well worth the work. 

I've devoted a great deal of time helping people, sometimes to my own detriment as I've found myself caring more for their success than the client.  I've had to teach myself to let clients go rather than burden myself with their problems that they themselves are unwilling to let go of.

I love it when I am asked to conduct a seminar for a group be it youth or adults.  As I educate and teach I can tell when I am getting to people.  I love to make people cry, not because I like to be mean, but because when I see them cry it tells me that I am getting somewhere, and they are learning and changing their lives for the better.

These seeds of education that I can provide are essential if we want to survive as a free people.  I've been asked before why I use the eagle in my logo.  My response is because the eagle is the symbol of freedom.  And that is what I aim to achieve through my efforts.  That is to spread freedom.  It's not only the eagle, but the colors of my logo; red, white and blue.  These colors are the colors represented on that Standard of Liberty that I love so dear, the American Flag.  We must stand as a people and shake off the shackles of debt and financial ignorance if we are to succeed as a people.  As business owners we should practice good business practices while striving to strengthen our communities through proper and adequate employment opportunities and striving to do those things which will strengthen our businesses and ensure their viability. 

This is my first post on this blog.  The first of what I hope to be many.  I will use this medium to provide insights, to educate, and to basically provide an outlet for me to talk about what I want, and for those whom I invite to do the same.